datGal - Android膠登App

Yet another Android HKGalden reader.


  • Play store link?
  • Why should I use datGal?

    It's because it provides a lot of well-written functions. The app itself is frequently updated.

  • What kinds of functions does datGal have?

    - 發貼記錄
    - 閱讀貼文記錄
    - 睇圖打包
    - 貼內搜尋 (字詞/會員名稱/會員ID)
    - 自訂Icon
    - Aikon²
    - 顯示貼文引用關係
    - 貼文快取
    - GIF
    - 點選載入圖片
    - 按圖片大小/網絡自動載入圖片
    - 封鎖會員
    - 只顯示選取會員回覆
    - 個人檔案 (會員資料發貼記錄)
    - 改膠登用戶名/改密碼
    - 開post回post草稿
    - 私隱密碼保護
    - 圖片上載 (na.cx, holland.pk提供)
    - 圖片壓縮
    - 版面主題 (可使用其他高登App的topic list layout)
    - 自訂顏色
    - 分身

  • When would there be a new version?

    1. Bugs spotted
    2. Too many ideas
    3. Stopped being lazy

  • FC!

    All FCs will usually be reported to Crashlytics automatically so that I can try and catch the exceptions in future.

  • Bug(s)!

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  • IOS?


  • Adult forum?

    It requires you to login to unlock such a forum.
    You can also select #6 #8 #9 in any topic to unlock the forum.

  • Facebook page?

    See below the download button.

  • I can't load any posts/search/reply!

    Maybe HKGalden's server is down.

  • How do I hide my viewed / replied / faved color hint at topic list?

    Settings -> Privacy -> Hidden Area

  • How do I hide my username?

    Settings -> Privacy -> Hidden Area

  • How do I hide any usernames at profile page?

    Settings -> Privacy

  • How do I add password protect for datGal?

    Settings -> Privacy

  • I am on MTR, how do I temporarily hide everything about me?

    Long click forum name at top action bar.

  • (General issue)

    Find me on Facebook page.